We choose Direct Trade

As coffee roasters, we are directly involved in the ecosystem that is the coffee business. From the day the seed is planted to the cup of coffee our customers make every morning. That being the case, we feel responsible for our farmers without whom we would not be here.

Direct Trade

In this respect, we have decided to source our green coffee beans after Direct Trade practices. By no means do we want to compare "Direct Trade" with "Fairtrade". Fairtrade organizations are trying to make the world markets fairer by setting minimum standards at the beginning of the supply chain, even for mass produced products. This mission is essential. We, at ALAMBÉ, have deliberately opted for the direct relationship - not only out of our desire to be ethical but also for quality reasons. The "Direct Trade" principle also includes the integrity and holistic transparency that we at ALAMBÉ strive for, in terms of both our supply chain and production. We know what happens on the farm and the coffee farmers know what we do with their coffee.

Our approach to sustainability

As we believe in equitable and honorable relationships, we admit that we pay above market price for all of our green coffee bean purchases. In doing that, we not only support dedicated farmers in their efforts to engage in respectable farming practices, but we also give them the merit they deserve for being the source of what we do here at ALAMBÉ – FINEST VIETNAMESE COFFEE. Because of the above you will not find a Fairtrade certificate on our ALAMBÉ coffees. We hope you will give your own personal seal of approval.