Mr Hiep Pham set up 2015 a small roastery in his garage, where he set himself the goal of roasting Vietnamese coffee to perfection without additives (in Vietnam, industrial margarine or even fish sauce is often added into the roasting process). After much experimentation, he achieved a quality of coffee that cannot be found in this form in Vietnam. Mr Alex Gruber has been in the coffee business for 30 years, almost 20 of them in the Vietnamese coffee market. His expertise and knowledge about Vietnam and its coffees is therefore almost unsurpassed.


During December 2018 Mr Hiep, Mr Alex and his wife Bernadette took the decision to build a coffee roastery plant together and formed the company Master Roasters Service Saigon Ltd. They also founded the brand ALAMBÉ – FINEST VIETNAMESE COFFEE to promote domestically and globally the unique blends and single origin coffees Hiep has created over the years. The brand name ALAMBÉ embodies the coffee expertise of Mr Alex Gruber, the roasting know-how of Mr Hiep Pham and the artistic eye of Mrs Bernadette Gruber. In July 2019, the company started its roasting activities at the new plant in Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


ALAMBÉ becomes the leading brand name and benchmark in Vietnam and globally for roasted high quality Vietnamese Coffee


ALAMBÉ delivers our customers continuously Finest Vietnamese Coffee, coupled with a respectful cooperation with our suppliers for responsible and sustainable farming and love for the environment.



To respect the Company and partners.
To respect the established ethical standards and act accordingly.
To respect the environment and support activities which protect the ecological balance.
To respect and comply with legal regulations, and the Company’s procedures and policies.


Integrity and transparency in actions and transactions with all stakeholders.
To meet the high-quality demands of our customers and that we set for ourselves every day with integrity.
To conduct integer with employees, customers, suppliers, and other parties.


We carefully select in Vietnam highest quality coffee beans, hand roast them slowly to perfection in Vietnam, to obtain the Alambé - Finest Vietnamese Coffee.